Summer 2016. During this summer, I had to make that important decision, a choice of study that would determine the rest of my life. A struggle for many, including me. After high school, the choices seemed obvious, but not for me. So I jumped from one field of study to another.

My life was turned upside down because of Pseudo-epileptic seizures (PNES) that caught me at the most unpredictable moments, without cause or sign. Normal functioning like any 18-year-old was not possible at that moment. The seizures prevented me from enjoying my childhood, going out with friends, practicing my sport that I liked so much. I had to give up a lot because it was “too dangerous”, because “what if…?”. People around me dropped out because they did not understand, others stayed and are still there. Love them.

I am a bon vivant, a creative person, always have a thousand things in my head that I want to do and realize at the same time. But I am also very demanding for myself and others. I wanted to make my own choices, to choose my own lifestyle, to make my own path which could deviate from the standard paths which others take. I wanted to walk a path in which I could also give my ever present PNES a place and that I could sprinkle with colourful edges of happiness myself.

I started to appreciate the little things in life more and more. I love the beauty that nature has to offer, I love the special moments with my friends and I’m on a journey to an eco lifestyle. For the first time the idea grew to express this in my own clothing line. In this line my struggle and my growing passion for an ecological lifestyle could get a place. My dear, ever present pets created a beautiful brand name, Mila & Jules was born.

My choice of study was attuned to the further expansion of Mila & Jules supplemented with some creative and instructive evening courses.

Welcome to Mila & Jules. I hope my story will also inspire others to find their way and follow their hearts in making important choices in their lives.

Enjoy the little things❣️



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