My biggest goal in life? To inspire.

My whole heart is in Mila & Jules. I would like to share my passion and pass it on to everyone who wears Mila & Jules. Strangely enough, I don’t have a one-sided passion, my passion covers so much. I want to do so much, for you, for the world and for nature.

First of all YOU, yes you, the one who reads this. What I want to do for you?
I want to inspire you. Inspire you to find and follow your passion, to find and share your (creative or not) outlet, to do what you want. In the same way, everything I embroider on your favorite piece has a right well-considerd meaning. Which one suits you best?

I want to make you feel unique, because we all are, unique. Similarly, every piece of Mila & Jules is unique, and made especially for you. Each piece is hand embroidered and is the result of my love for the passion I want to share with you. 

Mila & Jules is my passion. My way to make this world a more beautiful place. The fabrics, the production process… it has to be sustainable and ecological. I want to inspire to be thankful for the possibilities the world has to offer us. I try to do everything I can to not pollute this beautifull planet by making the choice of bamboo fabrics and throughout the entire process from bamboo plantation, to production, to shipping your favorite piece.

So I opted for bamboo. This plant not only brings advantages for nature, but also for you. Bamboo is also durable, no garment whose color fades after 10x washing. A piece that can hang in your closet for years. That’s sustainable too, that’s my mission. (read all about bamboo here)

Inspired? I hope so. Take a look in the website and explore the collection. And um, don’t forget to check the blog every now and then, for even more inspiration and ideas.